As I prayed and read through Psalm 27 this morning, the closing verse really stood out to me. In it, David encouraged himself and the reader by saying; “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!”

In life, there are times we may have exhausted all our options to resolve an issue to no avail. In those times, all we can do is pray and wait for the Lord.

There are a few reasons why we may have to wait.

1. We may have to wait because that which we are expecting may not be ready. It may not be the right time or season for it. Circumstances may not be conducive for us to have it prematurely. This is like ordering a meal in a restaurant and eager to eat it half cooked rather than fully cooked. Sometimes we may have to wait for the Lord because He is at work behind the scenes to give us the best at the appropriate time.

2. We may have to wait for the Lord because although what we are expecting could be ready, we on the other hand may not be ready or prepared for it. This is like waiting for a child to reach maturity or adulthood before they can access their inheritance. This is often done for their own benefit since they cannot fully appreciate or understand the value of money or the assets they own. As believers, we may sometimes find ourselves in this position, but our waiting is only for a season in preparation and in equipping us to handle the blessings and the responsibility that comes with it.

3. Other times we may have to wait for the Lord because there could be danger ahead. This is like waiting at a traffic light while other cars from various directions drive across. Similarly, God in His infinite mercy and grace could be sheltering us under His wings as danger passes by.

Ultimately, with the Lord, our waiting is never in vain. Today, I would encourage you to wait in patience, wait in prayer and wait in preparation for what the Lord has for you. Have a blessed day.

Chris Eke