Mothers & Toddlers

Little Sparkles

Little Sparkles is our mothers and toddlers group that meets at The Life Church building on Thursdays between 9:45 am and 12:00pm for just £1 per child.

A word from Pauline…
“Some years ago I felt God tell us 3 times through different unconnected people that we should love, support and care for the mums and children that come to Little Sparkles.

We have had mums come with all sorts of problems and ask us to pray for them and we’ve seen lots of answers to prayer. However, many of these we cannot share as we have been told in confidence. We do not pray for everybody at Little Sparkles as we feel this would embarrass them, having said that no one has declined prayer when we’ve approached them.

Very often mums come in very stressed and upset, but end up leaving feeling so much better for being with us. I believe this is because God is with us.”

A word from Bridget…
“I feel I should talk to the mums, listen to them and at times they ask if they can talk to me. They share lots of personal things that I do not tell anyone; some are very hard to listen to but that’s what we are here for. If anyone says anything about being unwell, either themselves or a child, I say we are a church that believes in prayer and ask if we as a group can pray for them.”

If this ministry is something you want to get involved in, please see Pauline Pitt or Bridget Jackson.