Have fun, develop friendship and get to know more about God

Children's Ministry

In our children’s ministry, we aim to create a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere where our children can have fun, develop friendships, and get to know more about God.

We have age-appropriate sessions to engage our children. Our aim is for each child to be able to grow in their own Christian faith and build their personal relationship with Jesus. Our focus is always for the children to know they are loved by God.

We do this through a variety of games, crafts, stories and other activities. There is a regular children’s worship session as well as prayer time to encourage rounded, healthy engagement with their faith. Themes, stories and ideas are explored directly from the Bible – the children are encouraged to read aloud, memorise verses and to begin to consider what God’s Word means for them.

If you have any questions regarding our children’s ministry, please see Odelia Eke.